18 Awesome Teen Birthday Party Games Ideas

The best Teen Birthday Party Games: Entertainment at the festive table can be divided into 2 types: table and mobile. To fully satisfy the guests, it is better to combine contests.  The most interesting drinking contests, which can be played both at home and in a cafe, include the following.

Teen Birthday Party Games

1. Contest for a teenager “Special order for congratulations”

The competition involves the participation of both individual players and teams of 3-5 people. The task is to come up with as many 10-word congratulations for the birthday person as possible. The main goal is to have a lot of letters “u,” “p,” “s,” or any other letters in words (for example, vowels, consonants, sibilants, hiss, etc.) whoever gets more than the selected letters will be the winner.

2. Contest “Guess the person by description”

The competition is perfect for large teams whose members are intimately familiar with each other. During the competition, on pieces of paper, the players write the team members’ names, then shuffle them and distribute them to each other so that the others do not see who has who. The task is to describe the player caught on a piece of paper without pointing to him, his clothes, features of his appearance. It is better to use the character traits of the participant to make the game more interesting.

3. Travelers competition

The competition belongs to the category of intellectual and cognitive. In order for it to pass with a bang, it is necessary in advance to prepare a number of cards on which cities will be written. To enter the game, the participant must name the country in which the city indicated on his card is located. If the answer is wrong, then his journey is over. And if the check is passed, then the participant continues the journey and receives a new card.

4. Competition “It’s probably me”

The competition is designed to introduce guests to each other and a cheerful atmosphere in the house. The essence of the game lies in the participants’ description of one of those present one by one. The description can be addressed to both a boy and a girl. For example, tall, thin, blond with blue eyes, etc. If a person recognizes himself in the description, he needs to raise his hand and say loudly: “This is probably me!”

Both participants receive prepared prizes if the answer is correct, and the game continues. The competition allows you to get to know the guests better, get to know each other, and establish a friendly atmosphere.

5. Competition “Who passes the ring”

At the beginning of the competition, 2 participants are selected who are ready for the “duel.” The player’s task is to quickly pass the object selected in advance with closed eyes on the surface. As a rule, they choose a table without a tablecloth. They put a ring, candy, or some other small object in the middle. Players sit at opposite ends of the table, and they are first blindfolded. They must overwhelm the chosen item on command, which will go to the winner. The “peppercorn” of the competition is that when the players are blindfolded, the object is replaced with a plate of flour, with which the players will powder each other’s “nose”!

6. Contest “Guess what’s in your hands”

The competition is perfect for teenagers aged 12-13. Due to the variety of stuffed toys, the entertainment turns out to be quite funny. The participant is blindfolded, given any soft toy in his hands, and asked to name what he is holding. It is better to choose cool toys for the competition, not simple ones (for example, Santa Claus in a cap, witch, etc.). The weirder the toy you choose, the more interesting the process will be.

7. Broken Phone Contest

For the competition, it is optimal to choose a team, the number of which is 5-6 people. The first player thinks of a word, phrase, or small sentence and then whispers it to his neighbor. The neighbor’s task is to whisper what he heard to the next participant. The game ends with the last participant, who must say out loud what the first player has thought. As a rule, the team fails to maintain the original meaning of the proposal, which causes a storm of emotions at the end and discussions.

8. Competition “Teenage intuition”

One of the best holiday contests is an intuition test. He will surprise not only a child but also an adult. For the game to be fun, preparing scripts for each guest in advance is necessary. Several categories are composed, for example:

  • animals (dog, tiger, lion, rhino, elephant);
  • plants (rose, ficus, oak, maple, birch);
  • cartoons (The Lion King, Zootopia, Frozen, Tom and Jerry, Aladdin);
  • clothing style (strict, business, street, sports, festive);
  • lessons (mathematics, physical education, English, dance, fine arts).

Further, the presenter voices any category, and the participant who checks his intuition must guess which of the guests made it up.

Mobile contests can be chosen as entertainment at home and in nature. Due to the dynamism, such contests are fun and funny, and the party becomes unforgettable at any age.

9. Competition “Pop the balls”

Participants receive 3 pre-inflated balloons. The task of everyone is to burst the balls as quickly as possible without resorting to the help of hands and teeth. To make the game interesting, it is better to make a composition of 3-4 participants and use the rest of the guests as an active support group.

10. Mummy Competition

The competition is suitable for large companies, in which it is necessary to select 2-3 couples of the opposite sex. Each pair is given 1 roll of toilet paper. According to the scenario, the girl must wind up her partner faster than her rivals, thereby turning him into a mummy. The winner is the one whose mummy could become a real exhibit in a museum and look natural!

11. Competition “What did you do there?”

One of the few contests that are ideal for both adults and teenagers. For the competition, they take several sheets on which different objects are written: a school, a kindergarten, a store, a toilet, a pharmacy, a cafe, etc.

Next, the participant is seated on a chair and turned away from the guests, and the presenter applies a sheet with a pre-written place to his back. Then the participant is asked different questions: “What are you doing in this place?”, “How did you get here?” etc.

The game becomes funny when the player washes in the store and describes the whole process in detail, since monosyllabic answers cannot be used.

12. Competition “Dancing with Obstacles”

The competition is incredibly funny and mobile. The process consists of 2 stages. First, 2 threads are pulled parallel above the floor at the height of first 0.5 meters, and then 1 meter. It’s better, of course, to tie the ropes, of course, but someone can also hold them. After that, they turn on dynamic music, to which the players must step over the first rope but at the same time crawl under the second, 1 meter high.

The next stage begins with the blindfold of the participants. After the players stop seeing what surrounds them, the ropes are removed, and the players, like spies, will actively crawl under the invisible threads.

13. Hot Potato Contest

The competition can be played even while sitting at the table, but it is still active. Under incendiary music, the players pass one object to one (an apple, a ball, a filled glass, etc.). As soon as the music is paused, the one who has the object in his hands should congratulate the birthday boy.

14. Competition “Who is Faster?”

The competition involves pre-prepared sketches and props. The participants need to cope with the task as quickly as possible during the game. For example, peeling a potato, taking off a few pairs of socks, drinking a glass of water, writing a player’s name from grapes, etc. The collection of tasks can be varied, and it all depends on the presenter’s imagination.

15. Contest “For lovers of sweets”

Birthday contests for teenagers will not be complete without sweets, and if it still needs to be taken out of deep dishes without the help of hands, the game will become unforgettable and tasty. The game is perfect for fun, dessert, and a reason to wash up. The bottom line is that sweets, cake, cakes are put in a deep plate, and the participant must get the sweetness without using his hands. The player is provided with a “sweet” make-up in such a game.

16. Horoscope Reading Competition

The competition is suitable for teenagers aged 13-15. Participants listen carefully to the presenter’s speech with the task in which he pronounces the zodiac sign. For example, in exactly one minute, Cancers must find a round object in the room and present it to Scorpio. This is how horoscopes are read to all the signs of the zodiac, and the game is gaining momentum when several guests have the same signs and perform the same task.

17. Competition “Friend or Foe”

The competition is more suitable for a company whose participants are 15-17 years old, and it will also amuse adults. The essence of the game is to touch a person with closed eyes and in warm mittens and distinguish him into the category of “us” and “foes.” And after all the guests have been divided, the participant can be asked to argue on what basis the division took place.

18. Competition “Duelists”

Ideally, the competition will appeal to the strong half of the party if the birthday girl is a girl. The guests create a kind of ring in which 2 participants (duelists) will face each other. After that, the presenter-referee reads out the rules of the fight: “do not hit below the belt,” “it is not allowed to hit while lying down,” “try to protect your head,” etc. After that, the participant must choose a formidable nickname for himself and wear gloves. Each is given time to warm up, and at the most important moment of the beginning of the fight, each is handed a chocolate bar, which must be unwrapped and then fed to the birthday girl.

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