7 Simple Birthday Table Decoration at Home

Simple Birthday Table Decoration at Home: The festive table’s colorful design will allow you to look differently at the most commonplace dishes and give a good mood to the party participants. At the same time, many people believe that a beautiful table setting is expensive and difficult.

7 Simple Birthday Table Decoration at Home

To arrange a festive table without high costs, I have prepared several ideas and life hacks. They will help to arrange a children’s party in style and taste.

Simple Birthday Table Decoration at Home

1. Choose a disposable tablecloth

After a children’s feast, stubborn stains often remain on the tablecloth. In order not to get upset because of damaged textiles and not to waste time washing, you can cover the table with a disposable tablecloth made of polyethylene or paper. A polyethylene accessory for a children’s party is more practical – unlike a paper tablecloth, it can be quickly put in order by simply wiping it with a damp cloth or sponge.

Disposable tablecloths usually have a bright design that will brighten up the dining area and make the setting truly festive. For a teenage party, options with funny emoticons, a scattering of sweets, or a universal checkered print are suitable. Kids will love this tablecloth with their favorite cartoon characters.

If you plan to set several tables, for example, with classic treats and a candy bar, it is cheaper to buy and more convenient to use roll tablecloths. With their help, you can serve everything in the same style.

2. Don’t forget about napkins

Paper napkins should also be colorful and fun. A trifle that at first glance seems unimportant can become the main focus of serving. For a children’s party, it is better not to choose white napkins – options with a creative design that are matched to the theme of the celebration are much more interesting. For example, you can choose napkins with a painted cake and the inscription Happy Birthday for a children’s birthday. 

Napkins with cartoon characters and funny characters from fairy tales are best ordered in the same style as the tablecloth. This will make the serving thoughtful and complete.

When choosing napkins, pay attention not only to their design but also to the quality of the paper. It is important that the material is soft and pleasant to the touch and the paint with which the drawing is applied does not leave stains on children’s palms. It is advisable that the napkins are at least two-layer – then they will not tear at the first touch.

The optimal size is 33 × 33 cm. Children at the table get dirty quickly, so it may be inconvenient for them to use small napkins. For young guests from one to two or three years old, such napkins can also be used as a bib – an option of this size will just allow you to close an elegant blouse.

3. Give up traditional glassware

Plates and glasses made of glass are impractical, tiring, and boring. Most likely, little fidgets will break something, which will ruin the child’s mood, the owners of the house, and may even lead to injury. An incomplete service and the prospect of washing dishes for the whole evening will hardly please anyone. That is why many people prefer to use bright sets of disposable plates and glasses made of thick paper with a laminated coating for serving.

When choosing, make sure that the colorful print does not peel off or deform, even if you put a hot dish on the plate. Such a check will ensure the quality and safety of serving items that will come into contact with food.

To delight your child, layout the treats on plates with cartoon characters or funny animals. You can match them with glasses with similar decor. 

For teenagers, look for something more neutral and stylish, such as sets with trendy geometric or checkered prints, camouflage, or laconic monochrome dishes.

4. Prepare individual gifts for guests

To make guests feel very welcome, take care of individual sweet presentations in advance. A convenient and inexpensive option is a bonbonniere with a few sweets, dried fruits, or nuts inside. 

If the volume of the box is larger than the size of the candy, fill it with paper filler and a scattering of colorful confetti. This will make the design even more interesting. 

5. Design a dining area

In order for the table setting to fit the interior, you need to pay attention to decorating the dining area. 

Above the table, you can hang bright paper pompoms and bells, fix balloons with helium at the corners of the table, and hang mini-garlands with flags on chairs. All these accessories are inexpensive, but the atmosphere at the children’s party depends on them. 

6. Think over every little thing

When setting the table, it is important that every detail is creative and vibrant. Children over two to three years old will love the beautiful straws for drinks and cocktails, colored spoons, and forks, chosen according to the party’s color palette. Children four to five years old can be offered canapes as a treat, strung on beautiful peaks with bright decorative holders. Dessert racks will come in handy, saving space on the festive table, mini-coasters for cupcakes and tartlets, personal tongues, horns, and caps that will help create a festive atmosphere delight guests of all ages.

7. What you need to consider when setting a children’s table

  1. To set the children’s table, you will need a bright disposable tablecloth and napkins with prints, paper plates and glasses, multi-colored spoons, and forks, straws for drinks, stands for desserts, picks for canapes, mini-coasters for cupcakes.
  2. Children’s parties do not always follow the traditional scenario with a feast and fun games. Some people like themed celebrations. Think in advance how you will host the party, as the style and color of serving to depend on this.
  3. Pay attention to each guest – prepare sweet presents in personal boxes.
  4. Decorate the dining area to create a fabulous and fun atmosphere at the table. For this, balloons, paper pompoms, and garlands, ribbons, bows are useful.