How to Organize a Children’s Party With Little Money?

How to Organize a Children’s Party With Little Money? Children’s celebrations do not have to be ostentatious, nor do they bankrupt us when organizing them. Let’s remember that they are for children to share with their friends and have a good time playing games and having fun.

We must lean towards a budget for a simple children’s party if we do not want our economy to be affected.

Of course, we always want to stand out with everything that refers to location, decoration, food, and even entertainment. But, today, there are many options on how to organize a children’s party with little money, and that at the same time is unforgettable. Therefore, we must plan all the logistics very well and get creative.

How to Organize a Children’s Party With Little Money? – 8 Budget-Friendly Tips

How to Organize a Children's Party With Little Money

If you don’t know how to do it, don’t worry; in this article, we offer you a few tips to celebrate birthdays without money and that our children feel happy on that special day.

1. Choose Close Friends 

When we are making the guest list, the ideal would be to add only the closest friends of our children. It is always good to consult with the birthday boy who he wants to invite so that he feels comfortable.

Recently, celebrating children’s birthdays without parents has become popular since more money is saved. To do this, we must keep in mind the age of the children and the responsibility we assume when making this decision.

2. Look for a Space Near Your Home

To start, look for a space for your children’s party that does not cost you or has a reduced price. You can always celebrate it at home with a limited group of children, in the common areas of your community of neighbors requesting prior permission, or, if the weather is good, have an outdoor party in the garden or in any park near your home.

Other cheap places to celebrate a birthday can be the municipal sports facilities that are rented by the hour. So children can practice one of their favorite sports during the celebration.

The party room is one of the most expensive aspects of a celebration. This point is important because the purpose is to save money.

Outdoor parties are always less expensive and more fun. Therefore, if we have a garden at home or a nearby park, these become the best places to hold children’s parties.

However, if we can use a swimming pool, be it our own, a neighbor’s or a friend’s, the party becomes very attractive for children.

3. DIY Decoration

Currently, theme parties are very fashionable, and you only need to invest a little money. By combining the balloons’ colors and a few banners, you can create the party’s theme.

Once you have decided on the theme, think about the decoration. You can decorate with cardboard, tissue paper pompoms, lanterns made of this same material, banners, and garlands. 

Balloons are a very simple alternative to help decorate your children’s party. For example, some simple yellow balloons can become Minions with some skill and a marker. With some white balloons, a colored paper cone, and your creativity, you can make a unicorn-themed party possible. The resources for decoration can be a manageable cost at a party. Your imagination will supply the best-purchased decoration you could wish for.

4. Custom Invitations

You don’t have to buy invitations for each of the children. A piece of cardboard, paints, and scissors will be your tools to make fun invitations. They don’t have to be very elaborate, either.

Try to make a drawing on the cover and text inside with all the details of the party. You can also launch yourself to personalize the invitations with an image editing program in which to place your son as if he were a character in a movie, a member of a famous soccer team, or a singer.

5. Send Text Message or Email

Let yourself be helped by technology. They will no longer have to buy traditional invitations. Now, virtual cards are made that can be sent by email and social networks.

6. Make Food at home

You will conquer the children with dishes that you can make at home and take wherever you celebrate the children’s party. One way to save money and not have to buy or prepare as much food is to invite after lunch. Thus, we only have to offer simple snacks such as mini pizzas, hot dogs, or mini sandwiches.

These types of dishes are usually on the list of cheap children’s party food. As for the drinks, a delicious lemonade would be very nice.

In this way, we also make sure that we have everything under control in the event of food allergies and reduce the sugar in sweets. You can opt for simple dishes. Prepare mini pizzas, hamburgers, or hot dogs to make at the moment. You can make traditional ham and cheese sandwiches cut with molds to get shapes if you want cold dishes.

If you are going to put sweets, try to prick them on some skewers and place them inside glass jars. Also, add cut fruits and, if you opt for chocolate, a small fountain or a bowl so that the children can bathe them. For the most creative, there is also the possibility of making homemade cookies decorated with the reason for your party or cupcakes, which are very fashionable at children’s parties.

7. Play traditional games

We can hold singing or dancing competitions. Also, activities that include face painting, putting the tail on the donkey, plays, and molding with plasticine, among others. Children always like this type of activity; it saves money on inflatable bounce houses.

If the celebration is in a party room, we must create group games that encourage the inclusion and participation of all, as well as entertainment and fun.

8. Gifts or Party favors

This type of gift is a custom in USA but can easily be adapted to any place. They are usually bags or cardboard boxes that contain trinkets, such as lollipops, candies, chewing gum, gummies, and, many times, cheap birthday surprises, such as small plastic toys. They are delivered at the end of the party or when the guest decides to leave.


As you can see, there are many ways to organize a children’s party with little money. And the most important thing is that we can involve the family, especially the recipient, in all the preparation and organization of the party to make these moments memorable and enjoyable.

Likewise, we must remember that children’s parties are usually between four and six hours. So by doing them for the shortest period, they are much cheaper.

We do not necessarily have to celebrate birthdays; there are also other festivities such as baptisms, communions, Christmas, and graduations, which with these tips, we are sure will save a lot of money and have pleasant moments.

In any case, whether the party is big or small, the nice thing is to preserve the traditions with our children. This will strengthen family ties, giving them all the care and love they deserve.

In conclusion, organizing a children’s party on a budget can be daunting, but with a little creativity and resourcefulness, it can be done successfully. By following the tips outlined in this article, you can plan a memorable party for your child without breaking the bank.

From setting a budget and making a plan to getting creative with decorations and activities, there are many ways to stretch your party-planning dollars. Remember to also ask for help from friends and family and to shop for deals and discounts. With these tips in mind, you can create a fun and festive party that will delight your child and their friends without leaving you feeling financially drained.