Lovely Birthday Wishes for Kids

Congratulations to the child

Sun bunnies
Glitter with joy,
lights are burning in your eyes! Funny
laughter, dear,
Cheeks are a feast for the eyes,
You are a treasure,
You are a treasure!
Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to the child

Let it be fun and bright
This wonderful day will pass,
Let the
the excellent fairy, send you five hundred gifts!
Let them be bears, fish,
All whom you love so much,
All who are waiting for your smile
And of course, kindness!

Happy birthday to your child

___________(name)! Sun! Happy Birthday! We wish you happiness, health, and good luck! So that childhood does not end quickly! Grow up for the joy of mom and dad, for a feast for the eyes of grandmother and grandfather! Happy Birthday!

Congratulations to the mother, whose child is one year old

Our dear, dear young mother. Your adorable baby is already a year old. He managed to take his first happy steps in life and please you with the first words. May happiness also accompany you in life, and may your eyes always shine with love.

Congratulations for a year to a child

Buttons-eyes, little mouth,
Who is laughing fervently with us?
The little baby is one year old!
Happy mom and dad now!
Let this house fill with fun,
Hearts fill with happiness, love!
Let children’s laughter, like the sounds of a flute
In the house from now on sounds endless.

Congratulations to the child in the first year of birth

One year old! Birthday!
Let there be joy and fun!
Learn everything in the world,
Laugh, have fun, play.
Grow up beautiful, smart, cute,
And most importantly, always happy!

Birthday greetings for the child

____________(name)! Happy Birthday! We wish you to grow up to be a big, beautiful, and kind person! Let your holiday be filled with gifts and a big cake! Hppy birthday to my love!

Happy birthday to the child in verses

Can there be any doubt,
That you are the best in the world,
Your birthday has come; open your
palms wider,
Accept gifts sooner
And of course, congratulations.
It will be joyful and bright.
Let the mood today!

Congratulations to the child in prose

My angel, my happiness, my life! It was on this day, on the Day of Your birth, that Fate gave us You and illuminated our home and the homes of our parents with happiness! Grow big, strong, strong, and healthy! Let life reveal itself to You from the best side!

Congratulations to the child

You are the best –
Our child!
Unpredictable –
From the cradle! Father and mother are
proud of you.
Gathered together –
Wish –
Health and luck!
And a joyful mood!

Birthday greetings to the child

Happy birthday to dear baby ____ (name)! We wish you health and joy, so that life is not very difficult so that all subjects are given easily at school, and you enjoy learning. Grow to the joy of mom and dad, and let all your childhood dreams come true!

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