11 Creative Cocomelon Birthday Party Food Ideas in 2023

Awesome Cocomelon Birthday Party Food Ideas: Are you throwing a Cocomelon-themed birthday party for your child? If so, you’ll want to make sure the food served fits perfectly with the theme. From fun snacks to delicious entrées, we have some great Cocomelon birthday party food ideas that will make the celebration even more special and memorable.

Cocomelon Birthday Party Food Ideas

Cocomelon Birthday Party Food Ideas

1. Tuna and Cheese Toasted Melts

You can give your usual grilled cheese recipe a Cocomelon twist by arranging tuna and cheese sandwiches into smiley face shapes before cooking them in butter. Create a dipping sauce as an added treat by mixing mayonnaise and ketchup together.

2. Cheery Chicken Salad

Serve up a nutritious option by making small chicken salads topped with diced apples and blueberries. Place each salad on top of a lettuce leaf shaped like JJ’s head and garnish it with shredded carrots and pretzel pieces to complete the look!

3. Cupcakes Galore

Bake your favorite cupcakes, frost them in different colors and decorate them with Cocomelon characters made of fondant or gummy candy. You can also draw JJ’s face onto cupcake wrappers using edible markers for an extra special touch.

4. Ice Cream Treats

For dessert time, grab some blue ice cream cones (or color white ones blue), then use star-shaped sprinkles to decorate cone hats as TomTom wears! Sprinkle confetti over scoops of ice cream for an added splash of fun.

5. Fruit Kabobs

Let kids create their own healthy snacks by serving fruit kabobs! Arrange colorful chunks of melons, berries, pineapple, lemon slices, grapes, and apples on skewers before topping them off with bows made from ribbon or licorice strings!

6. Fruit Salad in Bowls

Make a delicious fruit salad using brightly colored fruits that resemble the characters from Cocomelon. Place the fruit salad in individual bowls so everyone can grab some. Add some fresh mint leaves for decoration, if desired.

7. Veggie Tray

Place a big tray of colorful vegetables on the buffet table as another healthy snack option for all Cocomelon fans. Use celery sticks shaped like trees, carrot slices shaped like flowers, and tomatoes cut into suns to create a veggie landscape that resembles the background of an episode.

8. Hat-Shaped Sandwiches

Fill small sandwiches with nutritious ingredients – like shredded lettuce, cooked chicken pieces, or cheese – and shape them like puffy hats with round cookie cutters. Place several of these hat-shaped sandwiches onto a tray and watch them get devoured quickly by hungry guests!

9. Sweet Snakes on Pretzel Sticks

Transform regular white marshmallows into chocolate snake versions by dipping them into melted chocolate and rolling them in cocoa powder mix afterward. Attach each snake onto pretzel sticks to create final treats that any Cocomelon fan will love. Serve the sweet snakes alongside colorful sprinkles in individual bowls for extra decorating options.

10. Jelly Doughnuts Popsicles

Make some popsicles shaped like Jelly Doughnuts with jelly beans and candy melts in Coco’s favorite colors (light blue, light pink, yellow). To add even more details, dip pretzel parts into melted chocolate and stick it onto each popsicle to make the arms and legs of little Jelly Doughnuts figures from the show!

11. Coco Cookies

Look no further if you need something special for dessert at your Cocomelon party! Pass out little cookies in different shapes inspired by popular characters from the CocoMelon show – like cupcake tomtom or jelly doughnut Johnny – everyone’s sure to love this treat!

What do you serve at a Cocomelon party?

  1. Cupcakes decorated with Cocomelon characters
  2. Fruit skewers shaped like the letters in “Cocomelon.”
  3. Jell-O cups in the colors of the Cocomelon logo
  4. Macaroni and cheese shaped like the Cocomelon characters
  5. A Cocomelon-themed cake with the main characters on top
  6. Yogurt parfait cups in the colors of the Cocomelon logo
  7. Popcorn balls decorated with food coloring to match the colors of the Cocomelon logo.


These creative food ideas are sure to be a hit at any Cocomelon-themed birthday party. Just add some instrumental renditions of popular songs from the show for an extra fun atmosphere– suddenly, you’ve got yourself one fantastic celebration!

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