9 Easy Children’s Birthday Party Ideas at Home

Children’s Birthday Party Ideas at Home: You can arrange a real birthday party for your child right at your home – without animators, a show of trained hedgehogs, and titanic efforts.

9 Awesome Children’s Birthday Party Ideas at Home

With the soul realized by non-professional parents, a magical holiday will be remembered more by the child than going to the playroom or the standard clowns with giant soap bubbles, which he saw at the birthday parties of all his kindergarten colleagues.

1. Start with morning greetings

For a child, the holiday begins long before guests’ arrival – from the moment when he opens his eyes. An hour or two before the birthday man wakes up, sneak into his room and scatter a bunch of balloons inflated with helium on the ceiling. You can order delivery with a balloon and inflate them with helium yourself. Balls can be regular or foil, in the form of your favorite characters. There are also luminescent ones – for birthdays that fall on hopeless winter days.

2. Give gifts

Gifts can be given in different ways: Put them in the center of the room under the balloons.

  • Simply hand them over when the child wakes up.
  • Arrange a mysterious quest.

Place hand, foot, or paw marks on the floor leading to the gift or a clue where the gift is.

The hints can be quite simple. For non-reading children, drawings are also suitable, for example, a teapot drawing, and the next clue is in it. Attach some sweetness to each clue to make it more attractive for the child to search.

3. Prepare a treat for guests

The birthday boy and his young guests are only interested in one food on their birthday – cake. Therefore, it is not so important what you put on the table besides him—the only rule that I adhere to: no overexertion of mom. The night the mother spent at the Olivier basin will not be remembered by the child. Therefore, if finances permit, catering from a nearby cafe. If not, joint preparation of the table with the child the night before or in the morning after the presentation of gifts. As long as the child is not loaded with household chores, he will take it with enthusiasm.

The only rule that I adhere to: no overexertion of mom

A child who consciously wants a holiday is able to cut cucumbers, tomatoes, apples, oranges, and bananas into slices. If it seems to you that this is not enough, set aside another 20 minutes for a clearing of fly agarics:

  • Boiled eggs for a leg.
  • Half a tomato for a hat.
  • Sour cream for points or a flotilla of boats under cheese sails.

Children will run-up to the table, grab food, and drink water right in the process of the holiday well, and everyone will gather at the table for a cake with candles.

  • Children will run-up to the table, grab food, and drink water right during the holiday.
  • Cake is the main food of a birthday; everything else is not so important.
  • A meadow of tomato fly agarics and a flotilla of boats under cheese sails

4. Think over entertainment

If the children are already seven years old, you can arrange a quest around the apartment or KVN in teams of three to four people. If the children are younger, it will be difficult for them, and it is better to just come up with some games and entertainment for them.

5. Birthday Game “Business bees”

 Children are divided into two teams. There is common pollen on the flowers, for example, a few bowls of millet. Each team has, in addition, its own pollen box, standing a few meters away. Passing the baton to each other, each team’s bees must drag as much pollen as possible from the flower bowls into their boxes with a teaspoon. You can limit the time to five minutes and turn on the background “Bumblebee flight.”

For older children, you can arrange a quest or KVN.

6. Birthday Game “Prizes on strings”

Pull a clothesline between two chairs and tie small prizes to it on strings: jumping balls, cars, dolls, soap bubbles, stickers. Each child, in turn, blindfolded, approaches the rope. He has scissors in his hands, and he can click with them until the first fallen “prize,” and all spectators can shout to him “to the left” and “to the right.” The game will be more fun if you turn on the background Crazy Frog.

7. Game “Volleyball with balls” 

If you inflated the balls on your own and there is no helium in them, the children will be happy to play ball volleyball. Stretch the clothesline between the chairs, spreading them as wide as possible, divide the children into two teams, and have them stand on both sides of the rope. While the music is playing, the children throw the balls to the wrong side. The winner is the team that has fewer balls on the field at the time the music stops. The presenter stops the music as many times as he wants: the game can have at least one round, at least 25 if the children get a taste.

8. Crocodile game

Even two- and three-year-old children can already playfully depict animals, relatives, and familiar objects, getting incredible pleasure from the process of showing and guessing.

9. Call the cleaning lady.

The guests have dispersed, the hero of the day is peacefully snoozing in a heap of gifts, and in front of you and your husband is an apartment full of burst balls, millet, threads, scraps of paper, and a table with dirty dishes and leftovers. Don’t touch anything: mice and cockroaches won’t start overnight. Call the cleaning lady for tomorrow, even if you’ve never done so. Let you also have a holiday feeling.

How to give your child a real birthday party

  1. Be sure to order helium balloons or inflate them yourself: the child will wake up, see them and immediately understand that the magical birthday has begun.
  2. It is better to give gifts in an unusual way, for example, arrange a small quest around the apartment.
  3. Food should be easy to prepare: children will be waiting for the cake. Chopped vegetables, fruits, and boat sandwiches are a great solution.
  4. Think of more contests with small prizes to funny music – these are the things that children then fondly remember after many years.
  5. Do not clean anything yourself; leave yourself a pleasant aftertaste of the holiday: go to bed, and call the cleaning lady tomorrow.