The best children’s birthday party ideas: Where to celebrate a children’s birthday and how to make a child’s party interesting?  The apartment is too cramped for a noisy company of kids. A children’s cafe is a good option, but if you order a full-fledged holiday there with animators, disco and other entertainments, at least 60 thousand rubles will come out. For 15-20 guests (or even much more).

28 Best Children’s Birthday Party Ideas

To celebrate the holiday in a fun, unusual, and inexpensive way, take advantage of Children’s Birthday Party Ideas that can be implemented at our event venues, at home, outdoors, in kindergarten, or school.

children's birthday party ideas

Children’s themed parties

If your child has an idol from a cartoon, fairy tale, or children’s film, arrange a themed party for him, where his favorite stories will become a reality, and the birthday person will become their main character.

1. Space-style party with laser battles

A breathtaking space adventure awaits your child at an extraordinary party at LaserLand. The birthday boy and his guests will turn into super-heroes, and together they will go to save the Universe from villains. Laser battles will not leave indifferent either boys or girls.

And adults do not have to think about a birthday scenario: a ready-made program is already included in the package offer. All guests of the holiday are waiting for:

  • acquaintance with cheerful presenters;
  • entertainment program with contests and interesting tasks;
  • an hour of laser battles with exclusive game modes and smoke special effects;
  • a solemn part with a delicious treat and a beautiful cake.

Space battles are best for children aged 7 and older. If you would like to organize a birthday party for a younger child, LaserLand has 20 more different themes for a children’s party.

2. Sherlock Holmes Style Party

There is no better entertainment for curious and active children than playing detectives – guessing riddles, searching for secret treasures, and ways to get out of a closed room. The most suitable place for such a holiday, a play center for children from 6 years old. In a single space, 7 intelligent quests of varying degrees of difficulty are collected, you do not have to choose one – the manager will help you develop a whole game scenario.

Sherlock Holmes’s passion was not only riddles and secrets, but also activities – as we remember, he often literally ran to the scene, and in his apartment on Baker Street, he regularly trained with a sword. ExitGames has a lot to turn around – you can play hide and seek in the dark or laser tag – safe laser battles in real-time.

Parents will like that children’s parties are organized here on a turnkey basis. In one place you can rent and order everything you need for a memorable birthday:

  • an amusement park – a unique loft-style area with an X-box, VR attractions, 2 mini-quests, and board games;
  • show programs and master classes;
  • presenters, DJs, animators;
  • photographers and videographers;
  • photo zones and decorations for the holiday;
  • holiday treats.

While children are having fun on quests and laser tag, parents can also have a great time – play mafia or poker, try dishes from the catering menu for adults, or remember childhood and play hide and seek in the dark.

3. Birthday in the style of Maleficent

In anticipation of the release of the second part of Maleficent, your child may want something fabulous and magical. Invite him to organize a movie-style birthday party. For a girl, this is a unique opportunity to visit Princess Aurora or the witch Maleficent.

For a holiday, invite professional animators who will be in costumes of fairies and wizards. Children can be offered a quiz on the content of the film. For correct answers, give gifts related to this topic, for example, chocolate horns. For the birthday girl herself, make a huge cake with a green field and meadows with fantastic animals and wizards.

Your child will be greatly impressed!

4. Party in the style of “Zombie Apocalypse” with a horror quest

Gummy worms, bloody cherry punch, and brain-shaped cake for dessert. Are you still here? Then the zombie-style horror quest won’t scare you for sure!

At an unusual themed party in the laser tag “Labyrinth”, the birthday boy and his guests will find an exciting mission, “Zombie Hunter”: the participants will have to enter a secret laboratory and fight the walking dead.

The advantage of scenario games is that you pay for the finished program, and no additional costs are foreseen. The package offer already includes:

  • Futuristic weapons, first aid kit, cartridges and a test tube with a zombie virus – in general, all the necessary props;
  • The work of two actors in ghoul costumes and an experienced instructor who will take care of the safety during the games;
  • Rent of a laser tag arena for 2 hours.

The club has different scenarios to choose from, for example, Terminator, Star Wars, Stalker, Mummies, Vampires.

If any of the participants forgot to change clothes, rent a camouflage. In the meantime, the children are going through an exciting quest, their parents can practice shooting from sports bows or arrange a mini-championship in throwing tomahawks.

5. Unicorn party

Snow-white, pink, and rainbow unicorns delight children, no matter how old they are. So why not celebrate a children’s birthday with this stylist?

Dress girls in light, airy dresses, and boys in unicorn T-shirts. Festive caps can become “horns”. Decorate the room with rainbows, clouds, colorful balls, flowers.

  • Entertainment: invite an animator with a ready-made program, for example, a master class on making colorful cotton candy.
  • Treat: there are a lot of Children’s Birthday Party Ideas for holiday cupcakes and cake, you just have to choose the cutest and most creative design!

The interior of this site is perfect for such a birthday.

6. A day of unusual excursions

Birthdays can be made not only fun but also educational. Organize a festive for your little birthday boy. Don’t worry: you won’t be bored, because there are so many interesting and unusual places in the Russian capital.

In order not to rack your brains with the excursion program, contact the tour operator Mays for help. This company organizes tours for schoolchildren of any age. In the catalog you will find more than 100 options for excursions, during which children will be able to:

  • Take a high-speed elevator to the 337th floor of the ostankino tv tower and see the city from above;
  • Take a ride on a retro train and visit the railway museum;
  • To conduct unusual experiments and experiments in the experimentarium museum;
  • Go to a real ice cream factory and taste several varieties of this delicacy;
  • Go to the animal farm to visit the reindeer and huskies.

Having decided on the excursion program, do not forget to think about continuing the holiday. For example, to book a table or a separate room in a cafe, everyone will definitely want to eat.

7. Bloggers Costume Party

Toddlers are now very passionate about YouTube, and no doubt they have a favorite blogger or more. You can organize your child’s birthday in the style of a blogging party: ask all invitees, including adults, to dress up as your favorite blogger. But in what costume the child will come, let it remain a mystery until the start of the holiday.


Make different snacks according to the blogger’s image. For example, a make-up girl loves sweets, which means you need to make small cupcakes with marzipan figures of lipstick or brushes on top. Or your child’s favorite blogger makes letplays (reviews of computer games), you can make gingerbread cookies in the form of a game console with buttons made of colored glaze.

Celebrate bloggers’ fancy dress party in the Cozy Loft on Luzhnetskaya Embankment. Here you will find all the things you need for kids’ activities:

  • The stage for performances;
  • Professional american audio speakers;
  • Projector;
  • Laser machine;
  • 2 wireless microphones.

8. Face art party

Do you want to arrange a real holiday of reincarnation for your child? Invite face art masters to his birthday. Professional children’s make-up artists will help each little guest in a few minutes turn into a cute tiger cub, a good fairy, or a hero of your favorite cartoon. Children can be divided into teams, for each of which the masters will select their own drawing.

When the makeup is applied, hold a small competition between the teams, arrange incendiary dances, and then proceed to the festive table.

A spacious loft on Paveletskaya, which can accommodate up to 80 guests at the same time, will be an excellent platform for holding a children’s face-art party.

If the holiday is smaller, you can rent a loft near the Altufyevo metro station, equipped specifically for children’s events.

9. Party in one color

If you ask your child what color his birthday should be, he will easily answer you. This is because each of us likes a certain color, including children. It doesn’t matter how old your birthday boy is – he will definitely like the theme party in his favorite colors. And you can celebrate a children’s birthday of this type in any cafe, the interior of which matches the color theme of the holiday.

10. LOL Dolls Style Party (Girls-Only)

Plastic toys made of round surprise balls with big touching eyes have long been relegated to the background of ordinary Barbies. If your daughter also collects LOL dolls and puts them under her pillow before bed, you can give her a real dream holiday!

The decor and outfits of the guests should be in blue, pink or gold – LOL Surprise dolls are produced in these shades.

To complement the entertainment program, invite the birthday girl and her friends to dress up in any of the dolls (for this, you need to prepare accessories in advance – a yellow bow on the head, glasses in the shape of hearts, pink cat ears).

Each package includes accessories for the doll: pets, dresses, shoes, glasses and crowns. To decorate a photo zone for your birthday, make a garland of flags with the image of these items. We also advise you to prepare fluffy tutu skirts and stylish wigs, like dolls, so that guests have cool-themed photos.

You can hide packages of dolls in a piñata, break it at the end of the evening and give gifts to guests for participating in contests. The cost of one such mini-doll starts at 500 rubles.

Menu design

The choice of dishes depends on the tastes of the birthday girl and her parents, but it is better to buy dishes and napkins in party colors or with LOL symbols.

The funny toy has become so popular that branded sugar and waffle figurines have appeared on sale. And to decorate cupcakes, marshmallows, and marmalade, you can use special toppers-skewers with a sticker on the end.

Invite the animators (when her favorite dolls come to life and come to her for a holiday, the girl will be delighted) and order a cake with a small figurine of her favorite LOL doll. Caps with images of heroines, branded plastic dishes, a set of paper decorations, and other nice little things will help your child and guests to completely immerse themselves in the world of animated toys.

Do not forget about a suitable place for a holiday. It should correspond to the “puppet” theme. We advise you to choose a creative space for events – young fans of LOL dolls will definitely like it!

How to treat guests: if you want to stick to the chosen theme to the end – instead of sushi and pizza, order cute cupcakes or cook them yourself, decorating in the LOL style. You can also bring your own drinks.

11. Bubble party

You cannot surprise today’s children with sweets – they are already full of handmade cakes and organic pies. So, we will “finish off” with entertainment! How about a giant soap bubble that fits a whole person? Or even two 🙂

Bubble Party, where guests are shown various shapes made of soap bubbles, always delights children and adults. You can order animators for such a performance. Or organize fun bubble games on your own. For example, the presenter blows out a lot of bubbles, and the children chase after them and do not allow a single bubble to touch the floor. Competitions can be arranged:

  • Who will inflate the biggest bubble;
  • Who will pass the obstacle course faster, blowing on the bubble and not letting it fall;
  • Who will get a better picture of bubbles (for this you will need cans of soapy water and a whatman paper).

Tip: for such parties, choose a loft with good natural light; in a dark room, bubbles are hard to see.

12. Culinary party

A food party is a great way to spice up a children’s birthday and host an event that kids will both benefit from and enjoy.

It is difficult to place a large group of little mischievous people at home in the kitchen, so renting such a spacious loft would be a suitable option:

The light two-tier room is designed for culinary master classes of any complexity: the loft has an equipped kitchen area, tables and chairs, a bar, and the necessary utensils. And after the master class, the children will be able to go up to the second floor and swing on a wooden swing, as well as relax in comfortable sun loungers.

13. Paper party

Incredible, but true: 15 kilograms of paper cut into “noodles” delight guests of both sexes and all ages. You can bury yourself in the paper, you can jump with a running start, arrange funny battles… The culmination of the holiday is a rain of confetti and shooting with a serpentine from a cannon.

14. Wonderful neon party

What child has not been delighted with the New Year’s garlands glowing in the twilight? Such darkness does not frighten at all, it is full of magic.

Light sources can be neon signs, glowing stickers, and various accessories. Ordinary lamps and natural light are prohibited. Aloft with lighting will do:

The topic can be anything: space, the future, a chemical laboratory, or an underwater castle.

Here are some Children’s Birthday Party Ideas for celebrating a birthday like this:

  • you can play hide and seek in complete darkness or complete a quest;
  • make a glowing face painting or dance with an animator;
  • guess objects by touch and smell, or paint pictures with luminescent paints.

15. Child’s birthday in the style of “Avengers”

If your child loves the Marvel Universe, they will definitely be in awe of the Avengers-style holiday. The abundance of characters in the films of this franchise will allow each guest to choose a hero to their liking and dress in his superhero costume, at the same time you can arrange the first competition for the best outfit.


After choosing the most stylish superhero, you can organize an exciting quest to find the stones of infinity. A quiz based on films will be an interesting entertainment for the children. You can use a projector and include a cut of your favorite moments from “The Avengers” as a background.


When decorating a hall, divide the space into several worlds. For example, in different parts of the loft, you can create Asgard, Midgard, Avengers Tower, Thanos’ hut, and other places from the cinematic universe, in which you can hide the treasured artifacts for the quest.


It would be great to get creative with the holiday menu too! First, ask the child in advance which superhero is his favorite and decorate the cake based on his answer. So, for Thor, you need a treat in the form of a hammer, for Iron Man – in the form of his suit, for Captain America – in the form of a shield, and so on. Another essential treat for such a party is shawarma (which you can make at home to be sure of its quality and freshness) – do you remember the final scene of the first Avengers? Also, recall that Tony Stark loves cheeseburgers, Ant-Man loves ice cream, and Scarlet Witch and Vision loves Hungarian paprikash.

16. Children’s birthday in the style of “Styles”

Bright costumes, fiery music, and a cheerful mood are a universal recipe for an ideal holiday. And all these components are combined with the children’s party “Hipsters”! Such an event is an occasion to dress up not only for children but also for their parents, so enter a dress code for everyone.

Stylish light interior, unusual decor and living plants – this loft is perfect for organizing dances, children’s contests, and, of course, a delicious feast.


Hang funny caricatures of dudes and bright posters of idols of those times on the walls. In addition, to decorate the space, you will need vinyl records, polka dots or checkered balloons, and tablecloths with the same print. You can also make funny paper garlands with your own hands by cutting out silhouettes of bows, bright shoes, shirts, and ties for them.


The desired mood can be set with unusual invitations in the form of musical records. Write the text in stylish slang and refer to your child’s guests in an American manner: Alex, Ann, Stacy, and so on. In the invitation, specify the password that you will need to say in order to get to the holiday. And at the party, you can give the guys bright paper hats or ties as a pass.

Invite a choreographer to teach kids how to twist, boogie-woogie, rock and roll, and other style dances. And after the master class, you can arrange a real dance battle! Forfeits and twisters will also be suitable entertainment. You can also offer the game “Dress the dude”. To do this, you will need to prepare paper dolls – a girl and a boy – and the attributes of clothing for them. And the participants of the game, breaking up into teams, will have to assemble the ideal image of dudes at speed.


As a treat, you can choose snacks that are convenient to eat on the go, because our party is primarily a dance one. But, thinking over the menu, keep in mind that the dudes tried to imitate American youth in everything, so put small canapes, hot dogs, hamburgers, and fries on the table. To remind you that the case is still taking place in the Soviet Union, make a cut from Doktorskaya. And the main attribute on the table should, of course, be cola – the most favorite drink of the dandy.

16. Birthday in the style of “Moana”

The cartoon “Moana” is a story about the sea adventures of a brave girl and an unlucky strong man Maui. A tropical fairy tale has sunk into the souls of many children, so a birthday in the style of “Moana” will be a great idea for a bright holiday.


The guys will appreciate the quest journey across the ocean. Along the way, they will need to complete different tasks: find exotic fruits hidden by insidious villains, decipher a message written in the language of the Tui tribe, dance the dance of the natives to drive away evil spirits.

At the end of the voyage, you can arrange a master class on making your own amulet. The cost of such entertainment will be about 10 thousand rubles.

A treat

If little guests do not have allergies, they can be treated to fish, shrimp, squid dishes, or order sushi delivery. For dessert, offer the children a cake depicting the sea, palms, and the main character, as well as bananas, pineapples, and mangoes. Pour colorful cocktails with cherries and umbrellas into coconut shells!

Room decor

You will need palm leaves, seashells, a pink inflatable flamingo, artificial flowers, and anything associated with the sea and the sun! The walls can be decorated with posters of cartoon footage, and the kids can wear Hawaiian necklaces. For the photo zone, paddles, wooden idols, paper flowers are suitable. On Aliexpress you can buy Moana disposable tableware and other party attributes.

Tables and chairs will be convenient not only for a festive meal but also for holding a master class. There are loads of board games and PlayStation here, as well as a strobe and smoke machine for a noisy, fun disco.

In the kitchen, you will find a refrigerator and a microwave – all food can be brought with you. Catering and delivery of food from the restaurant are also allowed.

18. Birthday in the style of “Frozen”

If your child loves the cartoon “Frozen” and dreams of being in the image of one of the heroes, give him a birthday in this theme.


Order a dry ice master class: it smokes effectively, delighting the little ones. And the host will tell you interesting facts about this unusual substance.

Another option is a master class on making ice cream. Everyone will be able to prepare a delicacy to their liking and decorate it with syrup, fruit, chocolate. The cost of entertainment is about 10 thousand rubles.

A more active part of the program can be a snow battle, for this, prepare crumpled balls of paper and divide the guys into two groups. Set a timer for 3 minutes – the team with fewer “snowballs” thrown by opponents will win.

You can adapt the well-known game “Sea figure, freeze!” under the theme of the holiday. Let the children dance to the music, and when it stops, draw a frozen figure. The facilitator must guess who the participants are showing.

A treat

Salads and snacks in the form of snowmen and snowflakes, blue jelly, marshmallows, snowflake gingerbread – all this will perfectly decorate a children’s festive table or candy bar. For dessert, offer the kids a lot of ice cream!

Room decor

Prepare paper snowflakes, cartoon posters, artificial snow, turquoise tablecloths. The photo zone can be decorated with blue and white balls, put toys in the form of Olaf and deer, put carrot noses, and deer horns.

There is a decorative fireplace with an imitation of live fire, stained-glass windows to the floor, and a reception that can be used as a bar counter. In addition, the room has a separate entrance and a spacious balcony.

You can order coffee breaks, breakfast, lunch, and even a full-service banquet – the owner is ready to help with its organization.

19. Mexican style kids party

An incendiary Mexican party is a holiday that will be most interesting for children from 7 to 10 years old to have fun.


Start your evening with a Mexican Dedication. Arrange glasses of non-alcoholic mojito and place cards with Mexican male and female names under each so that they do not repeat. When the guests know their “callsigns” for this evening, give them the attributes of the holiday: mustache on an elastic band for boys, ornaments made of artificial roses for girls.

Mexico is the birthplace of piñata, so feel free to use it as entertainment. Paint the children’s faces with the Mexican carnival face painting. Arrange a comic version of a bullfight: call 2 guys, and glue a sheet of paper with any word on the back of the “bullfighter” with any word: “sombrero” or, for example, “quesadilla”. The bull’s task is to read the inscription without touching the bullfighter. And the fearless tamer needs to use all his resourcefulness so that his word is not read.

A treat

Build a candy bar with vibrantly colored macaroons, gingerbread, and cactus-shaped cupcakes. Add traditional Mexican dishes like taco tortillas, nachos chips with guacamole and lemonades.

Room decor

Decorate the space with paper cacti, balloons, and ribbons in green, orange, bright yellow, and blue. Hang up garlands of colored flags and pom-poms. Striped self-woven paths will fit well into the interior. Create a photo zone with a guitar, sombrero, and poncho. Add posters from cartoons about Mexico – “The Secret of Coco” and “The Book of Life”.


Long, loose-colored skirts and white T-shirts are great for girls. Boys – black pants with a red satin belt and a light top.

Site selection. A soulful loft with a huge terrace is perfect for such a party. An abundance of greenery, bright wood floors, furniture, and a chic red hammock will transport you to hot Mexico. In this room, you can arrange a large party, and if there are few small guests, then there will be plenty of space for active kids games and running around. Total capacity – 200 people, own catering allowed:

20. Children’s birthday in the style of “Trolls”

For kids aged 3 to 6 years old, a fun, colorful troll-style party will suit. When preparing for the holiday, we will focus on the cartoon of the same name.


At the very beginning, hand out the main symbols of the holiday to the guests – multi-colored troll hairstyles. They can be made of tulle by attaching it to a hairband. Create troll friends with your children. To do this, make blank faces and give the children rhinestones, sparkles, colored yarn for decoration. The master class can be made more active if children decorate each other with ribbons and flowers in a race. The team that makes it prettier will win. The jury can be parents. Arrange the favorite dances of the trolls and combine them with the game. Let the guests move as long as the music is playing. As soon as it stops, the children need to freeze. Whoever fails, must complete a funny task: sing a funny song or portray a favorite cartoon character so that he can be guessed.

A treat

Use a candy bar with colorful sweets. Make a cake with cartoon characters as the main decoration: Rosette, if you have a girl, if the birthday boy is a boy.

Room decor

Decorate the entrance and windows with a garland of long colored ribbons. Hang posters of cartoon scenes and the famous troll tree on the walls. Decorate the chairs with flowers and balls. On the table, you can lay a green tablecloth that imitates grass.


Use the images of the main characters of the cartoon: dress the girls in cute blue dresses, and the boys in dark green T-shirts and ocher pants.

21. Children’s birthday in a sports style

Sitting still is a difficult task for children. By organizing a birthday party in a sporty style, you don’t have to hold back the child’s energy. On the contrary, the task of all guests is to spend an active day.


You can start the holiday with a solemn formation, and then divide all the small participants into teams, hold “merry starts” and relay races. The scope of sporting events depends on the chosen venue for the holiday. Even in small spaces, it is possible to organize competitions in jumping rope, tug-of-war, throwing the ball into the ring, and other games of accuracy and dexterity. Be sure to give awards to winners and honorable mentions to everyone else.

A treat

The main decoration of the festive table should be an original cake. For example, in the form of a soccer ball, a basketball court or a winner’s medal. You can also put several sports cups on the table and fill them with sweets.

Room decor

To create an atmosphere, use any posters with sports stars, flags, fan scarves and jerseys, symbols of sports teams.

22. Lego kids birthday

Lego is not just a popular construction set, it is rich colors and rich colors. Therefore, make sure that the holiday is as bright as possible. Provide a dress code for all guests: no white, black, and gray tones in clothes. Only red, yellow, green, and other colors of the rainbow.


Invite animators in Lego Man costumes. They will prepare an entertaining program and fun games for the little guests.

You can come up with themed contests for the lego-party yourself. Here are some examples.

  • Lego relay races. Divide the children into teams and run several contests. For example, you can pour the designer into large bowls and invite the children to transfer the parts with a regular spoon for a certain time. The winner is the one who completes the task more successfully.
  • Lego hides and seek. In the room, hide a few people from the construction set and invite the children to find them.
  • Homework. Each of the little guests should bring an unusual construction made from Lego to the party. The birthday boy will determine the winner and give him a prize.

A treat

Decorate the table with colorful sweets. Small bowls can hold colorful macaroons, lollipops, Skittles or M & M’s. Order a cake with Lego details or characters from the pastry chef.

Room decor

Colors are also important here. Make festive garlands in the shape of cubes out of colored cardboard, print screenshots with the plots of the games. And from the details of the constructor, collect the numbers corresponding to the age of the birthday boy.

23. Life-size puppet show

Your child, for sure, has favorite characters whom he dreams of seeing live. You can arrange a memorable meeting with your favorite character with the help of a life-size puppet show. Inviting actors in themed costumes is not as expensive as it might seem.

So that guests are not cramped in the same room with sufficiently large life-size puppets, it is better to choose open rooms or lofts with high ceilings as a venue for the holiday.

24. If the girls come

Makeup, dress up, take pictures. Then change clothes and take pictures again, and so ten times in a circle. A photo session is an ideal holiday option for a girl’s company. A photo studio is another unusual place where you can celebrate a child’s birthday.

It is better to order a site where there is a party room: there you can set the table, invite an animator and hire a make-up artist.

You can also call a photographer in the loft – there are many suitable backgrounds for shooting.

25. Quest in the loft

An ordinary holiday: candles, cake, balls. And then someone finds a note with the text. You can’t get out of here. A quest begins, during which the participants solve puzzles, find treasures, collect puzzles. They are looking for encrypted codes, moving from one task to another, in order to find a saving password as a result.

Quest parties have only one drawback: adults cannot stand it and begin to participate with children. Quests are designed for different age groups; there are boys, girls, and universal games. Industrial-style lofts with subdued lighting are ideal for such parties – it’s easier to create a mysterious atmosphere.

26. Bike show

In summer, there are more ways to celebrate a children’s birthday. One of them is bike shows or bike competitions. Such a holiday can be organized in your yard or in the park, without making huge efforts.

Build an obstacle course, divide the participants by age and vehicle – a two-wheeled or a tricycle. Enter a competition for the best costume, let the kids compete in decorating their bikes, and you will keep both boys and girls interested in what is happening. At the end of the sports part of the event, an award ceremony can be held. And then celebrate the victory and congratulate the birthday man at the table with sweets.

27. Birthday in a tank

If your child loves to play “war”, invite him to arrange a ride on a military tank and plunge into the atmosphere of a real battle for the whole day! See where you can shoot from a tank with children.

Companies offer rich programs for members of all ages. The guys will certainly be interested in visiting a real military training ground, taking part in a tank quest and a special forces show.

During the military holiday, the guests come running in plenty, completing “combat missions” and capturing “enemy” objects. They will see the legendary military tanks from the inside and will be able to ride military vehicles. Parents do not need to worry about the safety of their children – thorough instruction will be given to the whole group, and each participant will be supervised by professionals.

Some companies offer to add an educational part after active “battles” – a visit to the museum of military equipment, where children will learn interesting facts about combat vehicles, weapons, and history in general.

A military holiday can be combined with barbecue in the fresh air or lunch in the military field kitchen.

28. Slime Party

Slime parties are becoming more and more popular among children. Slimes are jelly toys that can be shaped, crumpled, twisted, stretched, and cut. Slimes do not leave traces, but they very much attract the attention of babies with bright shiny shells. Children will love these things. For a children’s slime party, the Air Loft for hen parties and children’s parties is suitable. There is a lot of space for the birthday boy, a large children’s gang, and parents.


  • Invite animators dressed as giant slime toys to the party.
  • Add large bubbles and glitter slimes.
  • Arrange a competition: who will throw the slime next and hit the target.
  • Invite the children to make their own slime.

For a treat, multi-colored cupcakes, bright milkshakes, jelly, reminiscent of the slimes themselves, are suitable. Of course, you can’t do without a birthday cake! Make it look like a giant colored slime. Your child will definitely be satisfied.

We are confident that each of the options will suit your little fidget’s taste. Choose any 🙂

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